J & C

Betty and David, the married duo behind Tub of Jelly, were the best wedding photographers we could ask for. After emailing them about shooting our wedding in Brooklyn, NY, they were quick to respond and eager to capture our special day. Communication was a breeze and they were incredibly responsive and answered every question we could have had about wedding photography. Ahead of the wedding, betty and David made us feel confident, well-prepared, and secure in our decision to have them be our wedding photographers. Betty and David are incredibly attentive and are always in the perfect place to capture that special moment. It's like a waiter at a fine dining restaurant. You don't realize they are there until you need them and it turns out they anticipated your request before you even asked. Betty and David excel at capturing those candid moments that make you smile and highlight the true meaning behind a wedding. Each photo radiates love, loaded with detail, and visually interesting. You can't help but keep looking.

C & H

Betty and David are angels on earth! two complete babes that make you feel so at ease and comfortable on your day! We had so much fun with them at our engagement shoot and again at our wedding. We are over the moon with our pictures! Hit the nail on the head with exactly what we wanted and more, I can’t recommend or thank them enough for how they captured our day! beautiful pictures and some fun and great memories with two really cool people, thanks again guys, love ya’s!!.

S & F

Betty & David are our heros! The way our day was captured was just us! The photographs were perfect and plentiful. The video, oh the video. We're so thankful that we found them, we're so grateful they were free! The day would not have been remembered exactly as it was without them. We genuinely believe that no other photographers (or videographers) could have captured our day for what it was in the same way. They got to the very heart of us, our love, our friendship & our day and they showed it in all its glory. They just got it & they just got us. The only part of our wedding day I was disappointed was when they left!! I wanted to fill them full of gin & doughtnuts and keep them captive to capture everything! (Fraz tried his best on both counts!) David & Betty Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. We hope tub of jelly continues to grow and wish you all the success in the world.

sweet words

What better way to learn about us & our process than to hear it straight from our amazing couples! We can't explain to you how fudgin' awesome it is to get such lovely feedback, it makes our jobs so incredibly worthwhile.

B & S

It is impossible to overstate how much we love Betty and David. Their talent speaks for itself, but beyond that, they were the most wonderful people to have around throughout our whole wedding process. Totally professional, perfect communication, flexible and absolutely committed to making sure we got exactly what we wanted from our wedding photography and video. They are also just the best people who we wish lived closer so we could hang out with them all the time! I look at our photos and watch our video obsessively, and can't count how many people have literally gasped when looking at them for the first time. They bring me right back to that perfect day in a way I never could have expected. We just love love love the Tub of Jelly team!

H & R

The photography was really, really important for us. I’m usually the one wielding a chunky camera at social events, and I knew I’d feel naked without my camera by my side, so finding the right people to photograph our wedding was a Big Deal. We loved Tub of Jelly for their quirky, playful style and their focus on capturing details that might otherwise be overlooked. We didn’t want to spend ages taking traditional posed shots, and Rob in particular was dreading the idea of posing for cheesy couple shots, so we were glad to find a couple of relaxed photographers who would keep us feeling relaxed as well. Also, Betty and David aren’t joking when they describe themselves as having “ninja skills”; They did an amazing job of disappearing into the crowd, so you never felt there was a camera shoved in your face.

We are so glad we decided to add a video to the package, because we are totally in love with the video Tub of Jelly made for us. It’s quite short (only 10 mins) but it’s basically a very long trailer for a very dreamy film that you can’t believe you’re starring in. Dreamy, sparkly video goodness.

N & C

To say none of this would have been possible without Betty and David from Tub of Jelly, is an understatement. I still don’t know how I found them deep in the googles, but I am so happy I did. They are over the top talented, as you can see by their work, but more than that, they are hilarious, incredibly helpful and pretty much like the coolest couple you could ever meet! They gave advice on vendors to use, places to go, just about everything. As soon as I saw their work, I knew I had to base my entire wedding off their availability because they have the vision to pull of something so beautiful. I hope one day we can be as cool as them, but for now, I just have amazing pictures to drool over, knowing I found the perfect people to help me pull off the most perfect day of my life :)

K & N

David and Betty exceeded our expectations in so many ways. We didn't even know they were there half the time - they made us feel at ease from start to finish and we are delighted with the results. Can't recommend these guys enough. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Kirsty and Neil xxx

K & P

WOW. JUST WOW. Tub of Jelly is so talented, so wonderfully professional and so creative; real artists and wonderful people person. They are magic and will make your day magic. The feedback I’ve had from guests and the wider network on social media is that the video was really the cherry on the cake when it comes to output from the big day. It was very unique and the way it was shot so unique and different than most wedding reels. In fact – people at work and some global brands have been interested in using the style and mood of the video after seeing it. ALOT of my friends don’t know if they should pay the extra for wedding video and more often or not they say no when actually I think it is the most important piece of content from the day. Out of all the spends we made – the video was by miles the most valuable especially in this digital age. This snapshot style collection of memories is invaluable especially in the world we live in.

S & C

You guys are the best!!! We can't thank the awesome Betty and David enough for capturing our special day!! They were very much part of the wedding and such brilliant folk. I wish we could do it all again, you rock! The photos we've seen have been awesome and we can't wait for the rest. Thank you so so much again!! Sophie and Colin xxx

N & L

The photos that we are left with far exceed anything that we ever hoped we would get. Betty and David captured the special moments, trinkets, people laughing, smiling and crying in a way that fills our hearts with such joy. We have never loved looking at photos as much as we love looking at our wedding set and we will treasure them for the rest of our days together. It's fair to say we think you guys rock and we send a HUGE thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Oh and bonus points for capturing our little (quirky, slightly odd, highly eccentric) family unit in such a perfect way. If your looking for perfection; Look no further.

C & J

Betty and David were everything I was looking for in photographers. They were so fun to work with and didn't make us feel as awkward as we usually do in front of cameras. All of our pictures were absolutely stunning, betty and david made sure we got all the photos we wanted and made everyone at ease, betty even managed to win over my very shy nieces for some stunning pictures. Most importantly they captured a lot of special moments, the ones no one else noticed or would have thought to photograph and now I have memories of those moments forever. Thank you both so much.

L & F

I chose Tub of Jelly because I really wanted someone who would be able to capture mine and my husbands quirky personality and boy, did I come to the right people. They totally captured everything I wanted in my photos and I have not stopped looking at them it's like I'm reliving the day all over again. Betty and David are the most perfect photographers I could ever have asked for but not only that they're the nicest people in the world. Both are so down to earth and just genuinely a pleasure to have around on your big day. They are able to capture a couples personality in a way that is so rare and are incredibly talented. Honestly, if you are getting married and you are here looking for advice on who to be your photographers, pick these guys. I promise, you won't regret it. Thanks guys, you rock!

K & G

The style of photography was exactly what we wanted. When we were researching photographers we spent hours on the Tub of Jelly website looking at all of the blog posts and knew that we had to have them for our day. Betty and David were amazing on the day. As a couple who are terrified by the thought of getting our photo taken they made us feel so relaxed and comfortable. Betty understood exactly what we wanted and since seeing the photographs we couldn’t be happier with the decision we made. They were able to capture so many moments without us noticing in the most beautiful way.

S & M

Tub of Jelly photographed our friends Kate and Pete’s wedding in 2014, and we said then if we ever got married the first thing we would do was book them. Betty and David photographed and filmed the whole day and their style was just what we wanted; relaxed, informal and creative. They captured the day perfectly, we can’t stop looking at the pictures

J & K

We picked up the mysterious parcel from the post office on Sunday. The sherry, champagne, popcorn, and pin badge was a lovely touch. We've gone through all the photos (666 - Number of the Beast!) and we are absolutely delighted with them. Such an wonderful chronicle of the day. Every shot looks so natural, relaxed, well captured, as if we had some brilliant mates looking for all the little details and moments only friends would notice! Kay especially liked the one of her, her Ma, and Seana getting ready. You even got the Mr. and Mr. Card!

So many favourites. Loved the ones you got of us outside next to the fountain, front of the Palace and amongst the leaves. Our friends snd family are going to love these. If you ever need me to put your books into Dewey Decimal order or if you need Kay to process/assay any urgent blood samples, you know where to find us. Hopefully see you cuttin' about Partick. You didn't set a foot wrong and we had enormously good fun working with you over the past wee while.

Take care. Listen to King Dude.

J. and Kay.

G & A

I have been following tub of jelly for years and dreamed that they would document my day, and they did! Myself, my family and friends just love our photos (and thats just the preview so far!) massive thank you to Betty and David for shooting our intimate family wedding. If you are looking for creative candid photography then look no further!! Xx

N & L

We fall in love with Betty and Divid's unique quirky style. We was so pleased when they accepted our query to have a pre-wedding shoot in two completely contrast locations, Edinburgh and Glencoe, as we know it wouldn't be easy and could be an adventurous day but they just made our 'dream come true' ^_^

We really appreciated that they were willing to travel from Edinburgh to Glencoe with us; the timing here worked really well which allowed us to capture the atmosphere of the stunning landscape in good light. Betty&David were both friendly and personable which instantly made us feel more relaxed and be ourselves throughout the process. They just captured many great natural shots of us. All the photos come out in a very natural pose, stunning light&colour and so stylish!!!

No cliche and cheesy looks :) Many of the best shots were put to good use in January for our second wedding ceremony in Bangkok. Fantastic job all round- we'll definitely keep you guys in mind should we need any photoshoots in future!

Thanks again, Lee and Nikkie

P & G

Love Betty and David! Love their photographs! Love that they’re 2 ninja’s flying around the venue getting the most amazing photographs! Love that everyone who have seen the photos all agree they are amazing! Love that they took us off for quieter moments. Love that they’re such gorgeous folk! Love their quirks! Love that they’ve given us so many beautiful memories of our very special day to last forever. Love them! Thank you!

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