Our exclusive & brand new LUT collection is here! It consists of 4 unique & easy to apply LUTS in .cube format. These can be used in Premiere Pro, After Effects & more. The delivery of the content is immediate after purchase. You'll download the .zip file & extract to find the 4 separate .cube files. These can be used in any software that can read a LUT file. 

We have included a very short video guide within the collection on how we apply our LUTS in Adobe Premiere Pro, it's extremely straightforward and gives an instant colour grading. Please keep in mind that there are different ways to apply the LUT & different softwares that can be used, this is just how WE work with LUTS. 

All unedited footage shown is filmed with a neutral camera setting and shot on Nikon. 

All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges given. You are purchasing 4x .cube files for use in software compatible with LUTS.

Downloads can be accessed immediately on the purchase confirmation page and can also be downloaded via your confirmation of purchase email.

Sassafras 1

A LUT that is full of golden warm shadows, vibrant colours and the perfect amount of contrast. It packs a punch & is the boldest of the collection. The orange tones shine through & are complimented by the cool highlights. Works best when white balances are tweaked to fit.

Sassafras 2

A LUT that is full of oomph without being too overstylised. The colours pop & the tones work. With its slight green tints it gives a lushness to any green in the footage. The skin tones are warm enough to brighten any scene.

Sassafras 3

This LUT is the most understated of the collection but still gives footage that perfect balance of pop & tone. It is the best all rounder of the LUTS and requires very little tweaking. This is what we use for tricky lighting situations, it helps straighten out difficult lighting. The quiet champhion of the collection.

Sassafras 4

Our signature black and white LUT. It's a punchy one; full of contrast and oomph. It can create an instant nostalgic vibe & works well to compensate for any difficuly lighting & colouring. 





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