Intimate Scottish elopement photography // skye, scotland

Intimate Scottish elopement photography // skye, scotland

It’s such a genuine pleasure to be able to spend time in the Isle of Skye every year with the most wonderful couples. The fresh air, the tempestuous Scottish weather and the total romanticism of it all – it’s exactly why we NEED to make time for elopements during the crazy wedding season. Now and again, we discuss our own wedding, what – if anything – would we have done differently and there’s a strong feeling that we might have actually been the perfect candidates for eloping. We didn’t really know it was a thing when we began planning in 2012. That’s not to say we regret any of our own wedding day, it meant the world to us but knowing that there are so many alternatives out there now, it’s an amazing time to be engaged! The majority of our Isle of Skye couples are traveling far and wide to see the epic sights Scotland has to offer and we are so proud of our country for being one of the most beautiful places in the world. And that we get to experience it through fresh eyes every single time we make that journey with our couples.

What you need for elopement is simple; a willingness to explore, an open mind to the ever-changing weather and a really great pair of boots for the adventure. This couple, they were an absolute dream to adventure with & we can’t wait to be able to share their elopement video too! Soon, we promise!


testimonial //

"The day would not have been remembered exactly as it was without them. We genuinely believe that no other photographers (or videographers) could have captured our day for what it was in the same way. They got to the very heart of us, our love, our friendship & our day and they showed it in all its glory. They just got it & they just got us."




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