quirky iceland elopement photography

Mandeep & Craig, oooooh this elopement gave us wee warm hearts (and very cold toes). Such a special journey to finally shoot an elopement/wedding in a colder climate.

We’ve been so lucky to have shot in Morocco, New York, France, Tenerife and whilst we LOVE the toasty atmospheres, in our hearts we absolutely flourish in the winter vibes. Let’s not lie, we couldn’t live in sub zero temps for the rest of our lives but every now and then that wintery atmosphere is just the right thing to warm you up inside. The views in Iceland are obvs spectacular, do we even need to say that? What was really special was spending the whole day with these two, driving around the Icelandic landscape (perfect elopement location – really). They had an absolutely banging spotify playlist and a boot full of sweet treats – which were in perfect reaching distance for Betty.

We may have took a slight skid off the road on the way to the ceremony and got jammed up in the snow but the show went on. Tow truck organised, we all set off to find a new ceremony location. Instead of the busy Diamond Beach, Mandeep and Craig found a super secluded waterfall to get married in front of, now they can call it their own.

autumn wedding in scotland

Gillian & Andy had a super cute, laid-back wedding bonanza at Dalduff farm in Scotland. If the sparkly fairy lit barn doesn’t do it for you (what’s wrong with you) then how about the multi-colour festoon lights outside? Yes. The lighting here is exceptional and perfect for those long winter nights. Cosy COSY cosy.

romantic scottish elopement in Edinburgh

Chelsea & Tim have pugs. That may be all we need to say on the matter but that’s just not how we roll. So what do these pug parents do? The most romantic adventurous thing ever; they flew with their nearest and dearest all the way from Detroit, USA, to Edinburgh, Scotland to elope and be all loved up in one of the most romantic countries around (this is facts, people). We love elopements, it’s no secret, each one is so unique and always gives us a real sense of honour to be one of the select few who get to share in that journey.





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