Wedding suppliers that we love working with or admire.

Sometimes it takes a lot of creative minds to bring together all of your ideas for your wedding day. We love working with our favourite suppliers and love finding new ones! It’s important to pick the right suppliers & prioritize so that you can get the best possible team. We’ve taken some time to list our favourite suppliers that we have had the pleasure of working with or whose work we admire.


The cake - cakes are delightful (if done well) and provide for the classic cutting of the cake as well as being a tasty treat for after dinner. A good cake might be quite pricey, if it's not at the top of your 'must have' list why not host a bake off & get guests to bring along their own unique desserts. We absolutely love photographing a beautiful cake!


The dress - a major part of feeling good on the day is the dress you wear. If you feel comfortable & happy then you'll look beautiful. If you are going to hate your arms in the photographs it's a good idea to wear sleeves. If you want a bit of pop - go for sparkly sequins. Make sure the dress fits before the big day. If it's too tight it will cause lots of stress on the day when you try to do it up.


a little something to jazz up your ensemble. We love a bold headpiece, it really adds a princess vibe & looks amazing in the photographs. You mustn’t forget a good pair of shoes! You’ll be walking around nearly all day, not to mention dancing in to the night. Along with your photography & videos, we think that the rings are up there with the most important wedding purchases. You’ll be wearing them every day & hopefully for a realllllly long time.


if you have always dreamed of having an exquisite bouquet, you'll have a florist in your 'must have' list. Flowers are costly but hiring a good florist is super important, you don't want your bouquet wilting before you've even done your portraits. Florists don't just turn up on the day of the wedding - they prep so much & do loads of running around to pick up your flower deliveries & getting your venue set up on the day itself. If your budget is tight you could invest in a really beautiful bouquet & have some fun doing your own arrangements for the tables.

stationery & styling

The stationery & styling - a great way to inject some personality in to your wedding day. Hire someone amazing to design your wedding stationery & you will not regret it! Sure it's more expensive than buying a pack from hobbycraft but the the quality is miles apart. This is often the first thing your guests will see of your day. Something you might not have thought about is a stylist for the wedding. If you have a big empty space it can be tempting to fill it with your own diy touches. This takes A LOT of time & effort & sometimes plans can fall by the wayside. Hiring an amazing stylist will give you a stress free way of seeing your wedding dreams being realised. They'll pick pieces for your day & set it up perfectly. Weddings with a professional stlylist are an absolute dream to document as we LOVE details.


The venue - it's easy to pick a venue based on location, price & availability but the venue is the backdrop for your story & can make or break your wedding photography. Okay, so what makes for a good venue then? It's good to have some room to breathe, so think about your guest size. You don't want everyone smooshed up in a small reception room. The more room there is for your photographer to move, the better your candid guest shots will be. Picking a venue with lots of available light (windows, outdoor spaces) can make a world of difference to the photographs. If it's a winter wedding it won't matter so much because the sun will set super early anyway. Of course your photographer can just use a flash but many prefer natural light as a flash can be very intrusive & ruin 'candid' moments.

augill castle | kirkby

barbican | london

teybrook farm | essex

coruisk house | isle of skye

crear | tarbert

culzean castle | maybole

dalduff farm | maybole

dead dolls club | london

errol park | perthshire

myres castle | auchtermuchty

ridge farm | dorking

YHA boggle hole | whitby