We are kinda big goofballs. We just like hanging out with each other. We got together in 2007, we were just wee pups back then. Now we are grown-ups yay!

On May 25th 2013 we went and got ourselves MARRIED. It was a fairly intimate wedding in the west end of Glasgow. So we know a little of what you might be dealing with right now. We love marriage. Everyone will tell you that the day will go by in a flash - they are so right. That’s where we come in. Hi.

I'm Betty. You can call me... Betty. Or Elizabeth, Liz or Al. 

Born in '89 in good ol' Glasgow. I live on Irn Bru (Scottish nectar) & carbs. I find it extremely difficult to wear anything other than sweatpants. I am in love with all the floofs. 

eating chickpeas & playing with the Nintendo Switch LABO


My first gig was Christina Aguilera in 2003 (the Dirrty era). I love rollercoasters. I lam so in to baked goods (carbs), much to my bodies dismay. I've been veggie since 2016. Disney is life. Casual gaming is must when I have some free time. I am pretty extremely lazy & I'm a notorious napping machine. Need those naps yo! I'm a big tv & movie binger. Give me some mac n cheese and I'll be your friend.

rpg’s • playstation • irn bru • soundtracks • ho cho • toast • point n click games • disney • barbra streisand • jeff bridges • robin williams • greys anatomy • gilmore girls • bobs burgers • the sopranos • its always sunny in philadelphia • blade runner • the big lebowski • ponyo • there will be blood • mrs doubtfire

I'm Dave. Only Elizabeth calls me David.

Born in '85 in good ol' Glasgow. I enjoy quiet morning walks. I need a good coffee to wake me up. I enjoy a chaotic game of rocket league. Betty would be very proud if she knew how well I was doing on football manager. I spend a lot of time with my headphones on - I need my music breaks. 

fig rolls & rocket league


My first gig was Limp Bizkit in 2001 (keep on rollin’), I hate rollercoasters though go on them to make my wife happy. I enjoy expensive rum and have a terrible short term memory (no idea if the two are connected). Video games and travelling are my fave things. Non-smoker. Taurus.

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