behind the scenes


We like to marry (see what we did there...) the professional & personal side of photography so that ya can feel totally comfortable wih us around whilst knowing we are capturing all the precious moments too. For the most part you won't even notice us. Yeah, that's actually a compliment for us! Get scrolling to read all the juicy deetz...


Raw, real & honest! We shoot spontaneously & pride ourselves on capturing real moments in an artistic way. We don't focus on cookie cutter shots & are definitely not in to shooting anything traditionally.


Somehow camera-shy cuties are kinda our thing. Maybe it's because we are quite bashful in front of the camera (we are working on that!). No matter how anxious you are about the couple's shoot, you will so appreciate having taken the time to get some sweet photos of you both on your wedding day. We approach it differently for each couple, if you need a bit more direction - we'll see this and work with you, guiding you through the session. Usually we just take a stroll with you, capture the moments in between & ask you to stand real prettily here & there. There's some light gazing required.

Should we meet up before the big day? 

We often work with couples who don't live near us and we know it can be tricky to make the time for a coffee in Glasgow, we are always up for glitchy skypes or super personal email back & forths (tell us everything...). Instagram stalksies, anyone? Yes please.


We have let ourselves experience being super busy and shooting 40+ weddings in a year - that's 40 couples, 160,000+ photos taken, 26,000+ photos edited and a shit ton of car snacks eaten - and have come to the decision to commit to no more than 25 weddings from 2018 onwards. Dates are limited so we advise booking early!

Do you do formal photographs?

We do, if it's something that is important to you. It's best to keep these to a maximum of 6 so we can focus on getting those creative shots that you’ve booked us for. When we do the formals we stick to a classic line-up style to get them done as quick as possible. It means everyone else can get back to enjoying the party you spent so long organizing!

Do you get shots of every guest? 

No. We don't shoot for coverage. We document the day naturally & look for the faces that are animated & full of emotion.

Do you have insurance? 

We have full liability and indemnity.


Couple's shoot

 A shoot before the big day, great for those who are having night sweats about stepping in front of the lens. You'll enjoy it, promise. 

8 hours coverage

We generally find this is plenty of time to get all the big moments in (prep - first few dances). 

team tub

We work better together. Double trouble. You are hiring TWO full time, professional wedding photographers. You get two perspectives, two top banter beasts (slight fabrication), two people photographing & filming your big day. 

moving images

We love creating our wedding films & only take on a limited number per year to make sure we can put every ounce of creativity in to each second. We offer 4 different lengths; 1 minute, 3 minute, 6 minute or 10 minute.

digital dreams

We upload all of your images on to your very own online gallery, it looks super swish and is the perfect way to share your day with your family & friends.

How far in advance should we book you?

We normally book dates at least 6 months in advance but no more than 18 months in advance. We hold out for the couples that are the perfect fit for our style. We open up 2019 bookings on the 1st of December. If you are keen - get in touch as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. 

We would love to book you. Now what? 

Awesome, contact us to check our availability & receive our brochure. Then we can send you to our online booking form! To secure the date we require a non refundable £500 booking fee. We cannot reserve your date without this. Full balance is payable on the 1st of the month prior to the wedding.

What can we add our video on to?

You can add video to any of our packages. For short coverage we suggest the little larry sellers. For full day weddings you can add on any of our videos.  

Who edits the films? 

Betty does all of the editing in house. It’s a meticulous process but this way we have full control and can match up the style of the video to the photography seamlessly.

Can we pick the music? 

Picking the soundtrack is a massive part of what we do & it ultimately shapes the entire flow & feel of the film. We have never had anyone dislike any of our choices & most of the time the song the becomes the couple's new favourite jam, because it's theirs, it's been picked for them & it suits their day perfectly. We also license all of our tracks from several different music sites. If you see a wedding video with a tune from something like the current top 100 then there's a 99% chance it's being used without a license (which is mega illegal) and is something we would never do.

How do you film & take photographs? 

We've been doing it for over 4 years now and have it down to a fine art! We each switch between stills & video when the moment calls for it. It works so well because wedding folk are always totally unaware of being filmed and we get all the juicy stuff because we are so discreet.

Do you do video only packages? 

We don't offer video only within tub of jelly BUT we are super proud to announce it's new baby - Bat Country. Make sure you enquire via the Bat Country website! We've trained Lea and she will shoot your wedding in that classic tub of jelly style and give it over to us for the magic editing ingredient.