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We are damn pumped that you wanna know more about us & our work.

We have ALWAYS approached weddings with a fun, quirky & informal style. Our couple's sometimes GASP when they find out how laidback & easy our shoots are. The biggest thing for us is working with couples that let us run WILD with our creativity. Getting their shoes muddy, climbing fences, having big ass hugs & smiling the whole DAMN time.

So if you are the type of couple to blow raspberries in the face of traditions & who will laugh in the face of rain, the ones who love details but don’t sweat the small stuff, the ones who will cherish their imperfections & laugh at the outtakes - COME ABOARD THE TUB TRAIN.

Carefree spirits + wild hearts encouraged.

We gon give you authentic vibes, truthful captures & laidback bae realness.

Family group shots are a big ol' kill joy - we do a maximum of 6 to keep those excitable parentals happy but get you back to that sweet ass party you've spent so long planning.

Our packages have been named in homage to the big Lebowski since way back when we burst on to the wedding scene back in 2013.

Our full day packages start at £1,850 & videos start at £250. You are hiring TWO full time photographers when you book us, not one.

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testimonial //

"The day would not have been remembered exactly as it was without them. We genuinely believe that no other photographers (or videographers) could have captured our day for what it was in the same way. They got to the very heart of us, our love, our friendship & our day and they showed it in all its glory. They just got it & they just got us."






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