Who are we?

Heyo! We are Betty & David. We really think weddings should be fun, easy breezy + a right good time. Our couples come to us for unique, relaxed & creative wedding stories. We both bring different things to the table; David is naturally drawn to exquisite landscapes & wide angles, whilst Betty loves to hone in on those cheeky faces. We see our wedding videos as an extension of our photography + we think they compliment each other perfectly.

We ♥love♥ ; blade runner, irn bru, the dude, ghibli, snes, ps4, donuts, binging on our favourite tv stories, it’s always sunny in philadelphia, the sopranos, community, mrs doubtfire, scotland, fresh bedding, oscar (the cat), angus (the dog), milkshakes, giving each other silly frights, tom hanks, celine dion, gadgets, glasgow, popcorn.

cool. cool cool cool.